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thanks for watching. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> jennifer: regulation is calling. anyone feel like answering? it's nearly a week since the massacre of citizens and the lack of gun control in this country grows silent. [ silence ] sure our mayors may want to rattle political cages but they don't hold the keys to them. this man does. >> this is the most dangerous election in our lifetime. >> jennifer: nra lobbyist had the political pull that koch brothers only dreams about. he already has congress on the leash. i fear what happens if he gets a poodle in the white house who already knows how to roll over.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: more sad news. the university of colorado confirmed that before james holmes committed his grizzly crime he sent a package to a psychiatrist at the medical campus. in it he laid out his plans in details. tragically the doctor did not receive that package in time to stop him. there has also been renewed calls to stop such strategies from happening in the future. just a few minutes ago the president told the national urban league that ak-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not criminals. strong words. here is new york city mayor michael bloomberg going further on cnn last night. >> i don't understand why the police officers in this country
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don't stand up and say we're going to go on strike. we're not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature do what is required to keep us safe. the only reason to have an armor piercing bullet is to go through a bullet resisting vest. the only people who wear bullet resisting vests are police officers. when we hear shots we runaway. they run towards it. >> jennifer: today mayor bloomberg called for political action quote the two candidates are back to politics as usual. if not now when is the time for them to outline their solutio to gun violence? the very sad fact is that it is not gone gonna happen. politicians from both parties seem to be speaking with now is not the time to discuss the gun control line. even senator chuck schumer who led the weapons bans effort in
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1994 said there wasn't much point in trying to reinstate it. take a listen. >> i hope it would be an effect. but we see what is in the house. we see the power of the nra around here. >> jennifer: the sad truth is the nra has never been more powerful. it controls republicans, democrats, it even controls our scientific institution. for example, when the cdc found that guns are dangerous oh, controversial, the gun lobby mobilized and got republicans to strip $2.6 million from the cd cdc's budget. that agency, the exact amount that it had spent on that research. the nra also makes sure that lawmakers act on their behalf. they routinely issue score cards for their performance for lawmaker's performance on gun control issues. how they vote they get rated on
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a score card, and sadly it works. nra power seems to scare our presidential candidates, too. mitt romney gave a slippery answer even for him to brian williams will recent calls for tighter gun laws. take a listen to what he said. >> romney: we can sometimes hope that just changing the law will make all bad things go away. it won't. changing the heart of the american people may well be what is essential to improve the lots of the american people. >> jennifer: are you serious? changing the hearts of the american people are going to keep guns from those on the terrorist watch list? changing the hearts of the american people are going to change the minds of the mentally ill? it's going to change the minds of those who send massacre plans to their psychiatrist. come on, mitt, even you can do better than that. the sad thing is he knows better because back in 1994 then governor mitt romney actually signed an assault weapons ban in
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massachusetts. but shortly therefore presumably when he decided to run for national office, mitt romney flip flopped his way into the nra's good graces. watch his evolution over the last decade. >> romney: we do have tough gun laws in massachusetts. i support them. >> romney: i'm not a big game hunter. i've been, if you will, a rodent and rabbit hunter, the small vermins if you will. >> you would support. >> romney: just as the president said he would have signed that bill, so would i have. >> romney: if i ran for governor i would receive the support of the nra and i hope to receive their support now. >> romney: if we're going to safeguard our second amendments it will defend the rights that president obama ignores or minimizes. >> jennifer: who is he bending over to please? who is his puppet master? the answer is wayne la pierre
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the head of the nra who will have a direct line into the romney white house. this is a scary thought. what kinds of things will wayne la pierre whisper in his ear? mitt romney will hear this. >> if constitutional, but my gosh it's also biblical. it's like water quenches your theirs. with a firearm you can protect yourself, your families. >> i'm going to give if to you straight this morning. before the president was even sworn into office, they met and they had the conspiracy of public deception to try guarantee his re-election in 2012. >> jennifer: if only it was that easy. joining us now from washington, d.c. is journalist allen burr low. he road a three-part series this
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week looking at the power and influence that is wielded by the nra. alan, thank you so much for joining us. welcome inside "the war room." >> thank you, glad to be here. >> jennifer: you bet. so what do you make of wayne la pierre's conspiracy theories in particular. is it the ramblings of a crazy guy, or is it a well-constructed narrative to mobilize people against the president? >> well, he's not a crazy man. it's a compelling narrative to many people. la pierre is promulgateing three conspiracies. he's always got one under his belt. one, obama shortly after being elected conspired to--during the 1998 campaign, 2008 campaign, la pierre said that if obama was elected all guns would be seized.
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that didn't happen, and la la pierre explains it by saying, well shortly after he was elected they conspired to win a second term. now he's saying if obama is elected this year, our guns will all be seized in 2012. the second conspiracy-- >> jennifer: wait, before you go too far. wasn't that the same conspiracy theory that he had under bill clinton? >> it was. it was very similar. under clinton he said that he had received some secret information that the plans to take away our guns was well under way. what he calls the global gun ban access, whatever that is, supposedly is behind this. george sorow is involved. of course he's involved in any conspiracy that floats these days. in clinton in 2008 when obama
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is running, gun rights were stronger in this country than they've ever been at any time in our history. >> jennifer: i didn't mean it to interrupt you. you said there were three. you've got the obama conspiracy to take all of our guns away conspiracy. the clinton conspiracy. is there one more? >> well, he claims that operation fast and furious was part of the conspiracy to close down american gun dealers. he claims that there is another big conspiracy which involves the united nations. there is a treaty going through the united nations now. republicans generally when they portray the united nations, it's a bunch of clowns with red bow zoe noses and pinwheel hats. but these guys could not cook toast as far as the republicans are concerned generally. when it comes to taking away our guns these guys really have their act together. the united nations is going to be behind an effort to seize our
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guns. of course there is a constitution that would require any treaty ratified by two-thirds vote of the senate, but la pierre does not seem to think that obama is going to necessarily follow that route. presumably he's going to take the law into his own hands. >> jennifer: well, u.n. taking former u.n. ambassador john bolton today he was pushing this idea that the u.n.'s small arms treaty that is under consideration is going to allow the u.s. government take away guns. senator rand paul backing that theory and in a letter saying secretary of state hillary rodham clinton recently announced the obama administration will be working hand in glove with the u.n. to pass a new small arms treaty that would almost certainly forcing the united states to confiscate and destroy all unauthorized civilian firearms
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and create an international gun registry setting the stage for full scale gun confiscation. where does this paranoia come from? >> well, it's obviously been very useful. they've been very successful intimidating members of congress. if you're wondering why so many congressmen are walking around with a ring in their nose, it's so they can be led by the nra. you know, they use these scare tactics to raise money. the nra is all about raising money. wayne la pierre makes nearly $1 million a year. and this is his bread and butter. you know, these conspiracies may seem crazy to us, but they're able to sell them to enough people, and they're able to scare enough members of congress so that it works for them. >> cenk: well quickly tonight the president did address this issue on the democratic side. he used more forceful language than he has before. take a listen to what he side at the urban league.
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>> obama: we recognize the traditions of gun ownership that has passed on from generation to generation that hunting and shooting is part of a cherished national heritage. but i also believe a lot of gun owners would believe that ak-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals. >> jennifer: do you think that signaled some change in the president's position? >> not really. you know, ak-47s. the nra will love that quote. you know, they will say this is further evidence that obama plans to seize our guns. he'll start with the akers and then he'll pick up with others, blah-blah-blah. the interesting thing about la pierre, this man does not really believe the stuff he's selling to everyone else. one of the things that was
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explored la pierre has the president of nra for 20 years. he has never made a single contribution to the nra victory fund. if you are a nra member you know you receive constant pleadings from wayne la pierre to contribute to the nra. la pierre has not contributed why is that? >> jennifer: you don't think he's buying what he's peddling, he's not buying his own stories may be. alan i got to slow us down or move on. i apologize but so fascinating. you have to check out what alan berlow has been writing at if you're interested in this story. thank you for joining us from washington tonight. coming up, not only does the irs know that karl rove super pac is not paying taxes they're the ones who actually told him it's okay. plus mitt is going to the olympics and a new ad goes to
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town on mitt going to the olympics. and later serving up great music for years, and now they're serving up voter registrations. [ ♪ music ♪ ] vanguard: the documentary series that redefined tv journalism. >>we're going to places where few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! >>we will have class warfare. >>i'm being violated by the health-care system. >>we're patrolling the area looking for guns, drugs, bodies. >>we go in and spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the people and the characters that are actually living these stories. >>the award winning series "vanguard" only on current tv.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: you know that the nra is technically a social welfare organization?
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this drives me craze but it is true. at a congressional hearing stephen miller, the deputy irs commissioner said a total of 50 such advocacy groups has tax exempt toss as welfare organizations. they're also 501 c 4s. they include the nra some tea party organizations crossroads gps which is karl rove's super pac. the 501 c 4s that's the code that they're organized they're not only tax exempt, but they can raise unlimited campaign number. unlike pacs that are officially tied to a party or candidate they don't have to reveal their donors. i'm certain that the koch brothers are happy to get their tax write offs when they put money in these organizations. it's so easy to become a 501 c 4.
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irs rules prohibit them from endorsing a candidate or party or having any political activity as their primary purpose. but as deputy miller testified today, this is an area obviously that for us is somewhat difficult to regulate. there is no bright line, he said, there is no bright line test for political activity. so here's a non-policy ad that crossroads gps is running. see what you think. >> heidi heitkamp supports obama-care. unpredicted. >> this bill will change the face of healthcare. >> she's right. obama-care cuts medicare spending. unelected bureaucrats have the power to restrict senior's care. now healthcare costs and premiums are likely to go up. that's not the change we need. tell heidi obama-care is wrong for north dakota. >> jennifer: nothing political
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about that, right? pure voter education. hmm i'm not the only one who has doubts about that. crew citizens for rones responsible elections in washington. they claim it's blatant political agenda violates even the loose rules of 501 c 4. the irs may not be able to do anything, but maybe forces like crew can. so for more on the story i'm joined by the executive director of crew, melanie sloane. melanie comes to us from washington. thanks, melanie, for coming inside "the war room." >> good to be with you. >> jennifer: great. let's go to it. what do you find most troubling about this cross road gps ad as opposed to the organization itself? >> well, first you wouldn't even know that ad was by crossroads. nowhere do they have to include
9:20 pm
the standard disclaimer folks are so used to hearing. i'm john mccain, i'm barack obama, i'm mitt romney, i approve this ad. you don't hear that in this ad because they have the new majority instead. that's one of the problems with the ad. the other problem with the ad is it says that tell heidi heikamp how she should vote. well, she has not been in office. she has not been in office many many years ago. so it's not possible for her to vote. this is an ad that is a fake sham issue ad. those are the kind of ads you don't have to include disclaimers. there are different rules that are easier. but if you're going to have an ad like this, an election year communication, an expenditure close in time to an election you're required to follow the rules. here it is gps and crossroads gps isn't following the rules. >> jennifer: what bother yous more about crossroads gps that they're taking advantage of tax
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benefits for legitimate social welfare groups or they don't have to disclose their donors, which is more troubling. >> they're both quite troubling. this is a way for donors who don't want to be held for political views are funneling their money to organizations like crossroads gps. it started out as a super pac but they do disclose their donors. the second entity was set up, crows roads gps so they could have people who didn't want to disclose their entities also give. the c 4s are the untold story of this election. so much money is being funneled through the c had 4s than the super pacs because people want to keep their anonymity and say horrible things. >> it's so polluting with
9:22 pm
athletes fake ads that are supposed to be social welfare. we contacted crossroads gps for a response to your complaint. this is what they tolds us, quote, this is a basils complaint from a labor union front group that serves partisan causes under the dubious guise of charity. how do you respond to that? >> we've never been called a labor front group. that's new to me. but crew is a nonpartisan government watchdog organization. we take on folks on all sides. we file ethics complaints and complaints with the election commission and irs against anyone who we think is not following the rules. americans who follow the rules themselves expect others to follow the rules in our elections. it's really so sad when they are not. people are spending millions of dollars, and americans are left without the proper context. they don't know who is behind this ad and similar ads were run against tim cain who is running for senate in virginia and bob
9:23 pm
kerry running for senate in nebraska. all of these things are destructive to our democracy. >> jennifer: but here's the problem. the the fcc does not have a strong record of resolving these things. and are you concerned that the decision could come after the election and make this moot? >> absolutely. and the fcc and the irs have been pathetic. neither one of these agency versus been doing what they should be doing to keep the elections free and fair. fcc with a particular problem with commissioners waiting to expire. and they said flat out they have no intention of following finance campaign laws. he said his job is to help republicans from his perch on his commission. >> jennifer: that's so frustrating to hear. from your perspective, what has to happen? >> one of the things that has to
9:24 pm
happen, president obama needs to appoint new commissioners. this is a power he has and he has to appoint new commissioners. >> jennifer: do they have to be confirmed. >> they do. it's a tough battle but it's a battle the american people are ready to have. >> jennifer: it's clear that the irs is going to have a hard time defining and evaluating exactly what a social welfare organization is. what does the irs need to do to get a handle on the groups in addition to making sure this is some ability to enforce? >> well, as you mentioned earlier, the irs does have a rule that says your primary purpose can't be engaging in political activity. but there are some groups out there who were formed just for the elections. they started in 2010 and a great example is the american action network started by former republican norm coleman. that organization has spent over 66% of its budget on political ads against democrats. if you're running political ads with 6 percent of your budget,
9:25 pm
clearly that's your primary purpose. you're not doing anything else of substance. that's the kind of group the irs should come down hard on so other players don't come into the field and making c 4s basically allowing them to do whatever they want repercussions. >> jennifer: you're a great fighter on these causes. melanie sloane of crew. up next, pennsylvania basically woke up one day and told 750,000 people that they might be ineligible to vote. thank god for courts of law. later, wherever the republican nominee for president goes, brett ehrlich is sure to follow. >> i've got the voters of mitt romney sent to england you didn't see. probably because i sir... excuse me, excuse me... can i get you to sign off on the johnson case... ♪ we built this city! ♪ don't let food hang around. ♪ on rock & roll! ♪ [ orbit trumpet plays ] clean it up with orbit!
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>> i would say we have identified specifically the problem of-- >> jennifer: that's the sound of demonstrators in pennsylvania rallying against the state's controversial voter i.d. law which actually went on trial today. if this law is upheld more than 750,000 pennsylvania voters, voters who by the way are overwhelmingly democratic, they may be disenfranchised. you heard me right. almost 10% of the state's 8.2 million registered voters might lose their basic constitutional right. tonight i want to introduce you to some of the folks behind the statistics. this video of them comes to us court city of the aclu's website. meet 95-year-old ralola lee. she moved to philadelphia in 1957. she's been voting for decades
9:29 pm
even volunteering as a poll worker. but because she can't get her hands on the birth certificate which is required to get the photo i.d. that pennsylvania requires, she may be forced to sit out this election. asher murel is a transgender man. he has two forms of photo i.d. but on both of them he is he looks and is identified as a woman. he's concerned when he goes to vote he'll be shown the door. then there is gloria, 16-year-old, a native of south carolina. she moved to philadelphia as a child, and unfortunately gloria has no record of her birth. to vote under the current i.d. law she would have to spend more than $100 and go through numerous court proceedings to establish where she was born. there is just no reason why all of these people shouldn't be able to vote in pennsylvania in the united states of america like they have for many decades.
9:30 pm
the advancement project is one of the groups trying to overturn pennsylvania's controversial voter i.d. act. the organization's codirector comes to us from washington. welcome inside "the war room"." >> thank you. i'm glad to be here, governor. >> you bet. i want to begin by showing our audience a document filed by the state in defending the voter i.d. case. it's a stipulation that says there have been no investigateses or prosecutions of any person voter fraud in pennsylvania. the document also says the parties are not aware of any incidence of in person voter fraud in pennsylvania. okay the state is basically admitting there has been no voter fraud. and they have no knowledge of voter fraud. so why wasn't this law immediately threaten out? >> so governor we've been seeing these laws proposed all across the country under the mantra of preventing voter
9:31 pm
fraud. yet, there is no voter fraud. now we have the state of pennsylvania on record admitting admitting that. the other point is that they keep saying that it's common sense, but it is not common sense to disenfranchise more than a million pennsylvania voters when you add in not only registered voters, but eligible voters who would register if they could except for not having this i.d. the court we hope will throw out the law. it was enacted this past spring, so we went in as quick as we could. i believe there will be a decision validating this law in the middle of august. >> jennifer: if the state is staying, the state representing the legislative act if they say there was an act enacted for the purpose of preventing voter fraud, which is what all the other states have said, what is the reason that they've put this on the books?
9:32 pm
>> well, i mean, so we've been saying that there is a partisan and a racial motive to these laws and then in an unguarded moment the speaker of the house of the pennsylvania legislature admitted that he got this through the legislature in order to help mitt romney win pennsylvania. so that is the real motive. >> i hope that is your exhibit a. we rolled that tape and it should be. that shows the underlying motivation. the judge said today that he expects the trial to last until the end of next week, i think. i don't even understand how it can last that long when the state has no justification for it. i don't want to reveal your entire strategy, but how do you plan to make your case? >> we are going to make our case by showing to the court and to the public the voters who do not have this i.d. and who are unable to get it because of some of the reasons you have shown earlier, they don't have the
9:33 pm
birth certificate the social security card or it's extremely burden some. even though many of us have i.d. and we don't see what the issue is we want people to get to know and walk in the shoes of these honorable americans honorably discharged marine, a woman who marched with martin luther king jr. a person who was born in the south by a midwife who was told by the state of virginia that she doesn't exist. >> i don't mean to talk about that but the puerto rican issue is interesting to me. just quickly tell us how the law effects the puerto ricans who are american citizens. >> yes people from puerto rico are american citizens. but in 2010 the puerto rican birth certificate was declared to be unusable, and the commonwealth of puerto rico has to reissue birth certificates to
9:34 pm
all of the people who were born there. many, many people who are now living in pennsylvania who are u.s. citizens do not have time to get their birth certificate from puerto rico because they can't process the applications that quickly. there is a backlog. we now only have three months until the election. that's one of the big problems. pennsylvania has done virtually nothing so far to help people even overcome these obstacles. >> jennifer: we're going to be following this, penda, thank you for coming on here to discuss the legal and human issues. that's penda hair, codirect of the advancement project. we'll be returning to that story. up next, good politics and good music. we'll tell you how wilco is getting out the vote next. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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introducing the grammy winning rock band wilco at farm aid in 2005. the group has long used its fame to champion problems for problems. the band teamed up with head counts, a grassroots organization that uses the power of music to register voters and to raise political consciousness. their goal is to register 100,000 new voters before election day. head count has been very successful with previous voters drives. a study found that 4 million votes were cast by people who registered through groups like head count. coming to us from new york is julie whalen. welcome inside "the war room." >> thank you, thank you so much for having me. >> jennifer: you bet. so is head count the new "rock the vote"?
9:39 pm
>> , um, i had say we're sister organizations. we're both trying to accomplish a system goal of getting people to be empowered and really participate in political and social activism. >> how do you get wilco fans to focus on important issues like voter registration when they're coming really to listen to music. >> honestly the local crowd is a very receptive wonderful crowd. i could not have to be put with a better band and crew. basically it means everyone stops and thanks us for being there. that's the most common response we get into that's great to hear. >> they stop, and they really want to know what we're doing. >> jennifer: and so i'm curious about the persuasion of the folks who go to local concerts. this is a head count study that says fans of maroon 5 and john
9:40 pm
mayer skew republicans while bans the the decemberists and the national fans skew democratic. where are the wilco stand. >> i tend to not stand on democrat or republicans because we're none profit organization. but generally i would say that i just think they would be democratic. >> jennifer: you would think. as the the concert is going on, do you tend to sign people up more or after the music has been playing? >> definitely before. we try to respect the artist and not interrupt their performances. we set up an hour before doors so that we can catch people on the way in. so we don't want to rush anyone. we want to be there to make it easy for people. we really want to make it--we want to go to where the people are. this provides a perfect menu for
9:41 pm
us. >> we hear so often that the young voters are more apathetic than they were in 2008. do you have a sense of that? what is the sense of hanging out with so many young people and being one yourself? >> um, i definitely think that i sense a little bit more apathy. but as we get closer to the elections, i can feel it changing. you know, the more people that get involved, the more people who talk about the social change that needs to occur i feel like the more people get excited about participating and getting their voice heard. i mean, the bottom line is that a lot of people don't believe in voting, but if you actually register to vote, then you have the option to go vote. but if you don't register to vote, then you don't have a voice. i think it's really important that people realize that. >> jennifer: how many people do you register per show. how many people do you hope to
9:42 pm
register by the end of the tour? >> by the end of the tour we're hoping for 3,000 i'm pretty sure. >> jennifer: which is great. >> yes. >> jennifer: and you, yourself you're not new to volunteering. you've been volunteering, i'm told since you were the sixth grade. what attracted you to this particular project. >> honestly, the music democracy, action, the whole bottom line of it. then the first time i volunteered i was actually--i met the executive director, and then the top people who work in the offices. they were so welcoming and just so lovely to talk to, and they were intelligent and just--really, spent the time to make sure that i was comfortable, and that i was you know i guess stable and everything and was going well. just having such a supportive organization really brought me in and made me stay. >> jennifer: it's great stuff to see. you're an inspiration that you're volunteering this way to change the world.
9:43 pm
that's julie whelen the touring rep for wilco. up next we'll head out to the campaign front. christine pelosi we'll square off in the political ring, and you're in "the war room" and it's only on current tv. vanguard: the documentary series that redefined tv journalism. >>we're going to places where few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! >>we will have class warfare. >>i'm being violated by the health-care system. >>we're patrolling the area looking for guns, drugs, bodies. >>we go in and spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the people and the characters that are actually living these stories. >>the award winning series "vanguard" only on current tv. in your jeep grand cherokee. and when you do, you'll be grateful for the
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>> jennifer: on the campaign front here is mitt romney arriving in london today in the shadows for a little olympics and a lot of politicking. tomorrow he'll meet with prime minister david cameron and then on this side of the atlantic, the main super pac supporting the president's re-election priorities usa action is using the olympics to remind battleground state voters of mitt romney's outsourcing. take a look at its latest ad. >> welcome to the olympics. there's mitt romney who ran the salt lake city games waiving to china, home to a billion people. thousands of their jobs come from mitt romney's companies. india, which also gained jobs from mitt romney, an outsourcing pioneer. and burma. when romney had the uniforms made of the 2002 games.
9:48 pm
>> jennifer: sometimes i wish i could work for an ad company it looks so fun. joining me inside "the war room" for a closer look at the ad and the latest from the campaign front is christine pelosi. of course, she is chairs the cal democratic party women's caucus, and duf sundheim, who chairs the california republican party during arnold schwarzenegger's governorship. welcome back both of you. let me start with you christine. i thought that ad was great. i enjoyed it. did you think it was effective. >> i think it's important that at the time of the olympics we want to have a good spirit of bipartisanship and americana. mitt romney creating international jobs in contrast to president obama who wants to create american jobs. >> first of all let's talk about obama's record where he
9:49 pm
has sent money over to finland and-- >> jennifer: four pinocchios. four pinocchios. that was not sent over to finland. it's a finnish company but it was spent in america to create jobs here in california by the way. i'm just saying. >> romney. >> you're so confusing the issue. the issue is who is going to create the best economy in this country. and clearly even geithner said that the economy is not doing well and he doesn't see it doing well in the future. bernanke is saying the same thing. that's the issue. who will be the best to improve our economy. >> barack obama, as soon as they pass the americans jobs act. >> do you really think that's going to move the needle. >> jennifer: let me interrupt here because i want to make sure that we get to the issue of the day. >> i think the economy is the
9:50 pm
issue of the day. >> jennifer: but in terms of what is happening right now on the campaign front. there is this lull for the next couple of weeks probably while the olympics are going on and mitt romney is over there. he had a very interesting little exchange with brian williams about his wife's horse that is obviously going to be showing in the olympics. let's take a listen to what he said. >> for those of us who don't follow this sport what happens? are there rounds of competition? is there just one chance? >> romney: i should tell you this is ann's sport. i am not even sure which day the sport goes on. i will not be watching the event. i hope that her horse does well. >> jennifer: this is it. i don't want to be anywhere near the dressage competition. that's what he's essentially saying. i don't know anything about it. i write the checks, but i'm as as distant from it as possible. >> do you think the american
9:51 pm
people care about whether he watches or doesn't watch it? they care about jobs. this is such a none issue. this thing could break one way. that's in the direction of romney. i think if the election were held today obama would win. but really the anchor around obama is the economy. i think what is really going to be the key issue is the presidential debates in october. i think there is going to be back and forth until then. but if people feel they have confidence in romney's ability to turn the economy around, i think he could win. >> if he doesn't they won't. here you can have golds for romney and we'll take the gold gold-- >> thank you very much. >> notice which end of the horse she put in my direction. >> jennifer: oh, come on. it's all appropriate. >> the horse in the olympics you know you would watch. you know you would have to watch, or you couldn't come home. a person has a relative-- >> you really think that's i'm
9:52 pm
the right person. >> jennifer: i have a gift i want to show the world and put duf on the spot. >> gee, thanks. >> jennifer: while you were away, "the new york times" had a front page story about the republican party in decline. what is that-- >> shocking news that is. we really have a real problem with this in this state. i think kevin mccarthy said it well. we have never been this low. we need to address the issues of the people of california. the image of the national party does not help the image of the republican party here. we have a major uphill climb. >> jennifer: what are you going to do? what do you need to do to remr.? >> one, we have to reach out to latinos. we have to show that we care about the tissues issues that matter to people in california. we're flexible on gay marriage, the immigration issue and people running the party are not giving off that impression right now. we need a new set of leaders that reflect the diversity of
9:53 pm
the state. >> not only that, you cannot keep nominating people who fire more people than they hire. you can't number name people who are anti-choice in a pro-choice state. and if they don't reflect our values, we're not going to vote for them. it will be a good regional party in red parts of california. >> jennifer: he agrees that the national party is a bad image. i think you should give him a democratic card and membership card. >> they are awards they're going to take it next door. next up, the trip overseas, a much different perspective. you will not want to miss this one. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket
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